To tear-off means that your shingles will have to be torn off all the way down to the deck which will expose any possible damaged wood that will need to be replaced. We will inspect your existing roof and if you have two or more layers of roofing material on your home or if soft spots are detected, your only option is to tear-off.  We closely inspect the areas in valleys, and around chimneys, skylights, and vents.  If soft spots are detected, the wood decking underneath your shingles is damaged or rotten.   


After the existing roof is removed and the decking is exposed, inspected, and replaced if necessary, we install felt that is an underlayment to your shingles.  Felting is a required step to the roofing process.   Once the felt has been put down we will install your new shingles.


We take special care in protecting your gutters, shrubs, flowers, and landscaping. The trash and debris from the roof will be gathered and taken to a dumpster . When our crews leave your home, our goal is for your yard to look as though we have never been there or better.